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White + Clear Fused Glass Tree

White + Clear Fused Glass Tree

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Where Art meets the Holidays!

You can use this White + Clear Fused Glass Tree seasonally as a festive holiday ornament or year-round in a window as a suncatcher.

Whether for yourself, family, or friend, these fused glass ornaments make spirits bright! They are the perfect gift for teachers, coaches, vendors, co-workers, and more!


Measuring approximately 3” tall by 2” wide, this meticulously fused glass ornament will create a sparkling addition to any Christmas tree.


Fusing compatible sheet glasses together in a 1490° Fahrenheit kiln allows the artist to create colorful, dynamic works of glass art that are completely unique. Since this technique works with the glass while it is cold, glass fusing allows as much time as needed to bring the artist’s vision to life.


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