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Brown Baobab Tree Basket

Brown Baobab Tree Basket

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Art Basket - Tiny Tua-Tia woven by Agnes Azure

This extraordinary hand-woven basket got its name from its features. Have you noticed the straw hanging like the leaves of a baobab tree? Yes, it is specially woven by Agnes to depict the Baobab tree.  The Baobab Tree, also known as the 'mother tree', gives an impressive amount of shade and very sweet fruits. This baskets' spiraling crown depicts the “Mother Tree.”

Measuring approximately 14” tall by 14” wide, this hand-woven basket will create a meaningful year-round addition to any home decor.

African Baskets Fair-trade from Bolga

The Baba Tree Basket Company Ltd. is retail and wholesale supplier of the finest Bolga Market Baskets of their kind. They aspire to a new model of ethical business that sees all of us as partners in an unfolding global transformation.

The baskets are hand woven in Ghana by artisan weavers of the Baba Tree Basket Co. These baskets are beautiful and functional and are available in various styles, colors and sizes.

The weavers are paid well for their artful work creating Baba Tree baskets. All weavers receive 5-20% of the retail price (depending on basket type) as a commission in addition to what they were initially paid.


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